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FXBG eBike Tours

Our mission at the FXBG eBike Tour Company is to help create community among the historical sites, tourists, local merchants and eco-friendly individuals through sustainable tourism. We love that the electric bike gives people the freedom to explore the world unlike any other mode of transportation offered in the Fredericksburg area.  And the view along the trails of the Rappannock River are beautiful. 

Once you ride an eBike you will fall in love with the ease of the ride. You never forget how to ride a bike and what a great option for senior riders who wouldn’t normally be able to keep up with the younger generation.  For those in visiting the city on a temporary timeframe, doing a self-guided tour is a great solution to transportation in and around the city. 

We strive to be leaders in environmentally and socially responsible tourism, providing unique, fun, well-crafted tours, while having a positive impact on our planet and the whole Fredericksburg area community. 

We also run the Olde Towne Carriage Tours, also a very sustainable and eco-friendly tour. Check out our tours at

Weather you are interested in Colonial, Native American, African American, Civil Rights or Civil War history we have it all here in South Stafford and Fredericksburg! 

Fredericksburg was once one of the most wealthy cities in America, and is know as the, "Most Historical City in America!" But what about Southern Stafford and the historic homes along the Rappannock River???

You will be shocked when you learn about all the unique stories of South Stafford and Fredericksburg from the colonial beginnings to modern history. Nothing is better than experiencing these stories through a guided tour.

The areas historical sites, plantations, eco-systems and neighborhoods are some of the most beautiful in the country! 

If you choice to the Self-Guided Tour you can find all the bike friendly restaurants, art galleries', shops, eateries, breweries, wineries, parks and trails.  

Richard Kirkland, Hero, Marye's Heights

Beautiful Fredericksburg

A City full of history, culture and culinary experiences.

Learn about the Uniqueness of South Stafford!



Riding an electric bike reduces carbon emissions to foster an appreciation for nature - no exhaust, no noise, no other pollution. If you are a guest visiting Fredericksburg call us to rent a bike for the day, week or longer! 

Unique Experience

Aside from riding on electric bikes you have greater access to the Rappahannock River on the Stafford area than other tours which makes exploring a breeze!

Safe Mode of Transportation

Your safety is our priority, we have all the safety equipment you need to make your trip safe. We offer like helmets, flags, safety vest, lights, bike bells, water and we carry a first aid kit. 

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